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          Here we focus on providing the most comprehensive information on movie props – both licensed lightsaber replicas as well as aftermarket conversions and accessories.

          From collectors to choreographed stage fighting… we’ve established a great sense of community here that revolves around all things Star Wars related and are recognized by enthusiasts world wide.We strive to keep it enjoyable for all ages … from those who first saw Star Wars back in 1977 to our kids who are seeing it for the first time.

          So again, welcome to Fx-Sabers and may the force be with you!



          Share and Communicate with other Star Wars Enthusiasts

          Prepare for a massive data download! The Fx Saber forum is a galaxy-sized database of everyconcievable topic related to StarWars and lightsabers. From Force FX lightsabers toLuxeon sabers with tricked out internals and custom sound cards –?from collectible memoribeila to DIY costumes and props – you'll find it all and more here. Plus you'll appreciate the family friendly environment created by a fabulous group of helpful, respectful members and moderators. The Fx Saber forum is truly a rare galactic gem of a resource.


          Sabers - Classification and Types

          Our ResidentMaster Delivers Essential Saber Info... Photos Incuded

          Fx Sabers very own Saber Mastergoes to great lengths to provide some very thourough descriptions of the various saber types and classifications... accompanied by photos to facilitate the learning process for those who may be new to the world of sabers.


          Pictures and Videos

          SeeTrue Works of Art as we Feature the Saber Master'sStoried Creations

          His name is know throught the proverbial galaxy and is synonymous with custom saber creations. Functional works of art - exquisite movie prop recreations that could only be rivaled by the real thing ( which of course don't exist ). The fact of the matter is, if your a saber enthusiast and Star Wars fan, you won't want to miss this jaw dropping display of craftsmanship at it's finest.


          Resources and Affiliates

          Your Personal Guide to the Galexies Best in All Things Saber

          We've compiled a list of our recommended websites for various saber related merchandise. Why search cyberspace aimlessly when we can give you direct access to the most reliable and respected names in the saber community.



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